Choosing the Right Pocket Watch

There are three main types of pocket watch in terms of design, open face, half hunter and full hunter, the first being fairly self explanatory in that the design consists of a watch with an open face which is unprotected and open to the elements. The second two add a protective cover to the watch with the half hunter usually protecting the face of the watch but still leaving the time on display to see whilst the full hunter protects the face of the watch fully and usually covers the watch face in full.

Different designs are popular for different reasons for example those wishing to use their pocket watch on a regular basis may opt for a full or half hunter version so to protect the watch from day to day damage whilst others may use the timepiece for special occasions and therefore may opt for an open face version which shows off the design fully.

If you are considering buying one as a gift then it is worth looking at new versions of old classics as an antique piece will probably want to be preserved in its original condition so to protect it’s value. New pocket watches can be engraved with special messages to personalise the item for the receiver and make an ideal gift for those that would treasure and appreciate that sort of thing.

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